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Discussion in 'Torrents' started by FstQuik07, Sep 6, 2011.

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    Say I downloaded quite a few hot products via torrent. Would I run into trouble uploading the package to mediafire, posting it on my own page, and putting a lock on it?
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    yeah, you would.. For 1) media fire will kill the link if anyone complains. 2) You are breaking DMCA laws.

    This is BlackHatWorld so here is what you do... search for anonymous registrars and a anonymous server where you can pay with a prepaid credit card, vcc, or fake paypal loaded with greendot paid for in cash. Next is the hard part, you need to fake your info with the CPA company or buy someone elses account. Finally you need to figure out how to get paid from that CPA company.

    I'll tell you this, if you can get downloads or people visiting your site to download something, you may want to focus that skill towards something no so hard to pull off.

    Good luck.