Quick question.....is this safe or am I playing with fire?

Discussion in 'White Hat SEO' started by blahzay, Feb 12, 2015.

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    I had a very profitable warez website that was banned from G as soon as i submitted the site for adsense roughly 6-7 years ago. The URL in question has been inactive for over a year because I got out of the warez seen but the domain itself still has steady traffic coming to it although there is no actual site. For roughly a year, I have just been redirecting that domain to one of my amazon affiliate sites.

    Well I started up a website that Im trying to do completely by the book. I have MANY domains, some that i have never even built a site for but have just been paying for with hopes that one day I MIGHT build a site for. Some of these untouched domains are more than 2 years old. What I was doing for the first week is re-directing my warez url to one of my untouched domains, then forward that one to an untouched domain, then forward that to an untouched domain and then finally forward that 3rd untouched domain to my new website. Is this safe or will I get banned from adsense? A few days ago I got nervous and stopped all redirected and my traffic dropped TREMENDOUSLY but I feel a lot better knowing that nothing I am doing is shady. Was that a safe route or did i make the right choice by stopping the multiple redirects? I may just end up selling the domain so Im never tempted to do it again but was just curious.
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    If you host your untouched domains on a completely different host than your "dirty" domain, and use a WHOIS privacy service, then I don't think it would hurt. Think about it: if this kind of traffic would really hurt, anyone with a "stained" domain could simply forward their traffic to a competitor to damage them. If there's no way to prove that you own both domains, it would surprise me if you would get penalized in any way.
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