Quick question! I don't wanna get banned over and over again!

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    Jun 7, 2012
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    hello people,

    I have a quick question!

    I have a bot that makes account at adult sites to comment under adult video's!(It makes accounts and posts comments)

    Now you'll probably already understand that I'm spreading my affi links there!
    I'm doing an affiliate programm for an adult dating site!

    I have an e-mail account with auto-responder or an blog that redirects them to the adult dating site!

    Now if I post my link or e-mail my accounts get banned every single time!!! (when I'm doing like this)

    [email protected]
    site link redirected

    is there a way to post my email/link to these adult video's without getting caught by the auto-filter?

    Please help me!

    Thanks inadvance