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    Hey everyone,

    So I am one of the masses who bought Scrapebox and it's incredible. Now I would consider myself not exactly a noob but not exactly a wise old sage either.

    I am trying to figure out if I have a list of like 2,000 forum profile links that I created can I import them into Scrapebox and use the pinger? If the answer is yes where do I load the txt file? Do I put it in the harvester and then send it down to blog commenter? I looked at the tutorials and the only one I could find with the pinger is how to inflate your Ezine Article and the requires the list of sites to ping and then a list of sites that the ping is coming from.

    Do I load my list in the sites to ping and then make a txt file that just says http://www.google.com or something for the sites the ping is coming from?

    I just want to make sure I am correctly using this tool because I realize from using it and reading the forum that this software is one bad mother :)

    Thanks for the help guys
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    i would like to know this also ...
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    You dont have to transfer anything from the harvester. You can click on the ping option and you press open. Go to the scapebox installation folder and you can then see two files over there-website and sites to ping.

    In the website(websites box in sb) put the url of your website and in the sites to ping the referers.

    Of course you can make new txt files but you dont have to move anything from the harvester. Just pick the pinging button and open the two files.
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