Quick question about redirection cloaking

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    Hey everyone,

    I was about to start promoting a beauty product. I have my aff link and was thinking about putting it up on youtube.com and facebook ads.

    But before I did that, I thought about cloaking. I did my research and see that you mostly have to do this if you are blackhatting. Got that part.

    So cloaking is about covering what your real site is? Instead of www.aff929.com/28, it will say ************************/28?

    What do the affiliates see on the other side? Will they see ************************/28 as the ref? So lets say I buy acai.com (Yeah right-I wish) and have it redirect to my aff link instead of building a website, will my CPA company see "acai.com" there?

    What do they say if there isn't a landing page?

    ************************=tinyurl. It was an EXAMPLE link. I was not trying to promote anything. Sorry.

    Thanks everyone. I know these questions may seem noobish but I sincerely tried to understand research.