Quick question about e-Whoring?

Discussion in 'Making Money' started by airjm2345, Mar 1, 2012.

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    I'm a new member here, so hello. I just have a few questions about e-Whoring. I've read quite a few different methods and I think I know what I'm going to be trying.. But I've read some things that have brought up questions and I thought I'd ask them here.

    Traffic: What's this stuff I read about some dating websites not liking traffic? Is this going to be a problem for me if I make girl profile on dating site #1, lure in a couple guys, get a bunch of them to sign up under my affiliate site? Will I get banned, or in trouble, or what happens? And how do they not like traffic on their own site? What can I do about this to carry on with what I want to do?

    *And will I need to be using a proxy? I have HotSpot Shield for my Mac so hopefully that works well enough..(But why a proxy?)

    If anyone with some genuine help, could message me or something about starting up e-Whoring, I'd really appreciate it. Or since I'm just starting, if you could leave some super important "need to know" tips, that would help a bunch. Thanks!
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    First of all ewhoring is no longer allowed to be discussed here so get ready for this thread to be removed.

    But to answer your question. Your affiliate company loves traffic, not hate it.. but if that traffic is generated in shady ways that are against
    their TOS, then it puts them at risk of lawsuits and/or being shut down.