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    Ok, not claiming to make any specific amount of cash. Don't want to get flamed.
    Here is a simple method for those looking to make dough outside the micro niche areas.

    I wrote this in response to some PM's I was sent after inputing some thoughts on another thread.
    If you don't like it, then there's not much I can do about it. It works for me. It's how I work after being royally ass-f%^ked by adsense.
    It's one method out of a million that might work, I'm not claiming it's the best, but it is bloody cheap (cash wise) if a little expensive time wise.


    Keyword research for site names. URL is VITAL

    If you are using a CMS like wordpress, know it inside out
    Add the right plugins (SEO, XML site map)

    One that is often missed is one to stop your site over pinging! (ping every 4 hours on mine max)

    If you over ad your site it WILL get blocked!

    Set up Amazon, Ebay, Clickbank, Adsense, or whoever. Get a batch of different ones. A decent CPA like neverblue is a good bet as well

    Set up site.
    Have at least 10 pages of unique pages of content to start with.

    Again if you are blogging with WP or Blogger use an offline content writer. MUCH easier. Microsoft LIve Writer really is pretty darn good. (I duck after mentioning it - but it is good, really east and the WYSIWYG works a treat)

    Make simple GFX if you aren't an expert. Download..

    Openoffice. This gives you.

    • Draw (a decent GFX manipulation software)
    • Writer (a better WP than word, less control characters)
    • Impress (presentations - good for making vids with and one press conversion into an e-book!!)
    Ebooks are great to give away, bait for a sign up page to build a list if that is the path you want to go down. All openoffice aps except Calc convert straight to PDF. Very neat and simple.

    Learn all the above.

    Seriously, learn how to use all this stuff

    Learn basic HTML (just enough to follow other people's instructions for now - like how to add Google code to header, or remove comments from Pages or whatever)

    If you don't learn the apps you will fail. This is where many fall down. There is a lot to learn so get started

    • Make content.
    • "Borrow" graphics
    • Write clearly
    • Present well
    • Upload
    Graphic maniplation, making and placing nice images. YOu need to know your CMS inside out, and be at least au fait with a simple GFX package like draw.

    If you know Photoshop, then great, if you don't then don't worry. KEEP IT SIMPLE. Borrow (ahem) content

    • Ensure categories and tags are clear and sensible.
    • Have a ping list (type "ping" in google and you'll get some)
    • Add more content regularly.
    Now for some offsite SEO - the REAL time consumer.

    Join Ezine, Buzzle, Go Articles, Article Alley and a few others Write and publish articles. LOTS OF THEM

    Stick them on your supporting web holdings as well (see below)

    Remember to add your links. Use HTML links with keywords.

    Use article spinner if you like - I don't any more, but then I write quick and have never had writers block (Real unique content is better no matter what people say)

    Set up feeder network.

    • Wordpress.com
    • VOx
    • Blogger
    • Live Journal
    • Xanga
    • Squidoo
    • Wetapint
    • Hubpages
    • Blinkweb
    More if you can find them Squidoo filter spam, scribd (though recommended elsewhere) do not have any outgoing links (and haven't since 2008)

    Add content to ALL OF THESE. make them all unique (variations of main site content, but uniqe) have tagged links to your main site

    Use scrapebox or similar ro find as many PR3 or better sites to comment, post or whatever, and do it pronto (Sbox is cheap, but get 10 or 20 proxies as well)

    Hammer your feeder links wherever they may be. 4 times a day, 100 hits a time (some will only work once a day, others update every hour and returning to them even through the same proxy adds another hit)

    It takes time. You will need to add content regularly. While a site is new, think of adding 5 to 10 pieces until you have 100 pages or posts, then add 1 or 2 daily from then on.

    Remember post versions to all your feeder sites. Keep them live. Encourage the spiders to crawl them often.

    If you are using MS live Writer this is pretty quick once you have set up all the profiles.
    I can just use cut and paste, change profile, quick edit, and have a copyscape unique article up in 5 minutes or less posted thorugh this software.

    Hammer hammer hammer. More comments on high end blogs and forums, more articles on Ezine and similar, more unique articles on your main site. Links - content - links - content.

    I use Scrapebox to find places to post, then any decent PR sites I post manually, then the low or zero PR sites i use the autopost feature and blast a ton out

    That's what you need the proxies for. boosting the read count on your own web holdings and blasting out auto comments (with Sboxes built in spinner)
    Most niches will need to hit 500+ uniques a day to make any real money, some will need 1000+, a few (generally long tail, specific and short lived niches) might get away with a hundred or so.

    Keep at it.

    Other than the count boosting, this is mostly white hat, The count boosting though seems to make a difference

    Like I said, cheap to run cash wise. Expensive time-wise.

    For a noob allow three months or so of "getting it all fecked up"

    Finally - A very important tip

    Don't start a second site until your first is making money.
    You can end up with half a dozen sites sucking out time and not making a penny on any of them.


    Like I say, there are probably better ways, but this is cheap, and it works.
    Makes a change from micro-sites, and gives me a warm glowy feeling inside.
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    Can I hear "Eye of the Tiger" playing in the background. lol

    Stonking Thread Scritty. I can't believe this hasnt had more responses.

    I've downlloaded Live Writer today and will be looking over it tomorrow...

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    Indeed, can't believe this doesn't have more responses. If any person who's new to IM wanted to start, all they really would have to do was print this page, stop reading ANYTHING else (analysis paralysis) and just work at it for a good amount of time and I'd guarantee a steady cashflow sooner or later. One thing you could improve on is the "Find a good niche" part, include some info on keyword researching and how to do it, but that's a completely different topic.
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    Great post, Scritty.. it is surprisingly easy, for what 'seems' like hard work. I think people should, as you put it, get a "warm glowy feeling inside" when they are working on setting up their pages, content, links, etc. Some people just want to push a magic button, and watch their cdrom spit out cash like an ATM.. doesn't work like that! Effort in, results out ;)
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    Thanks for the method and thanks for the tip about Microsoft Live Writer I hadn't heard of it before, it will make posting to my many blogs so much easier. ;)
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    Learnt a lot. thanks.