Quick method to snag a couple HIGH PR backlinks

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    Oct 8, 2012
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    This is my first post, so hopefully it's a good one!

    One of the many ways I find free high PR backlinks is by snagging from other well ranking sites...

    Do some searches for people selling services like SEO, Backlinks, Blog commenting, etc. The ones who are ranking well always have hidden gems in their link portfolio :)!

    If you are having no luck on a global scale, try bigger cities around the world. For example in the states try searching for the keyword with Los Angeles, Chicago, New York, etc!

    Example keywords:

    High PR Backlink service
    High pr backlinks
    ******** backlinking
    ******** backlink service

    Find your targets then run a backlink checker in scrapebox, majestic seo, or what ever program/service you prefer!

    Enjoy :)!