Quick Domain Buying Guide - GoDaddy 99 Cents Codes and Others

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    This guide is very simple. I will explain one method I use for the 0.99 cents code on GoDaddy in conjuction with another service to end up having a domain registered for 2 years with private privacy for 1 year and all for aprox $12. Now this will take you aprox 60 days to complete do to the new registration policy. This requires you to have a credit card. I have tried pre-paid cards with an USA address and works all the time.

    Steps to take for securing a domain

    1- Find a 99cents code
    One good source I keep referring people in the forum to is the following:
    Always click on last page link as this thread can grow 1 or 2 pages a day. But in here you can find a .99 code.

    2- Search for the domain you want to register
    Head to GoDaddy and begin searching for the domain you want to register. Make sure your account is not logged in. Once you find the domain select 1 year and enter your discount code.

    3- Check Out
    On the checkout process you will be requested to create a new account or login. Now you can go ahead and login. In order to be able to purchase the domain you will need a credit card or a pre-paid card.

    4- Add A Year and Privacy Protection
    Now GoDaddy blocks your domain from transfer due to it been a new registration. This dormant period is plenty of time to work on other things.

    Personal Note: I buy domains and let them marinate those 60 days because I care on everything I do. But you don't need to do so. You can begin using it then do the next part after 60 days.

    Once the 60 days has passed visit:
    And order a transfer. Keep an eye on NameCheap every year they do a transfer your domain name for only $3.98. Go trough the process of transferring the domain. Once completed, very quickly with GoDaddy and NameCheap. You will see you have a Private registration credit on your name cheap account.

    Final Words:
    This guide might not work for everyone, other might know this, other might have a different way of doing this. This one works for me. Feel free to adjust to your needs. The way I see it, a domain name register for 2 years, with privacy and all for under $12.


    Here is a bonus. Search in Google for cheap domains and when network solutions or register.com or any other offers you a 0.50 cents domain just register with a fresh email, then transfer it. I don't know if you can pay with paypal for those.
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