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    You are going to make Fast cash by giving away 'free' mobile sites to small business owners. I just put a bit of spin on another mobile method here...

    1. Get a 'mobile site builder' software. There are a few in the DL section (search). Get good at setting up mobile sites, so you can just type what you want, upload a logo, and the site is published. It exports the code and you slap it on an m.domain subdomain. Research some stats on mobile sites.

    2. Identify prospects. Mostly just find companies using adwords because they are already spending money online. Visit their sites... see if they have a mobile site. Make a list of prospects (get a list of 100-200 for round One)

    3. Call. Most companies don't have a mobile site.. yet 50% of all local search traffic is from MOBILE devices !! They are missing out bigtime. You can fix that for just $99. their site will be live and online TODAY. (infomercial voice)But wait it gets better!! Not only is your mobile site offer only the low 1-time fee of $99, but you will also host it for free for one year. AND you will include $100 of google adwords advertising for FREE.

    They can decide to renew your adwords management if they are getting business from it. (You charge $100/mo to manage that, and they start paying the bill directly for the adwords clicks).

    Plus once they see that you know your stuff, they will ask you to take over their web/updates/SEO/etc...you have already proven yourself so they will may almost anything as long as you can deliver the results.By the way, they pay the bill, and you set it up on subdomain that you own, like: company123.MyMobileBusinessSite.com and you email them the code to redirect mobile traffic to their mobile site.

    BTW You DON'T want to screw around with getting their FTP into and setting it all up. Charge more money if thats what they want.

    4. Thats the plan. Just call companies, ask for the owner because you have a question about their website, have ENERGY and excitement in your voice. They need to believe that you LOVE providing INTERNET SOLUTIONS and you have exactly what they need. Start the call with the sound of an explosion from youtube. Or some asian girls moaning. Both very attention-getting.

    Good Luck

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    Nice share, already thought up a few twists for creating a "need" effect for the method. You can add so much to create a quality service that keeps them hooked for months. Thanks for the contribution to the quality of the community.
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