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    Hi guys I have a few questions, Im trying to earn $10 a day. I dont care if you think its little, money is mine.

    1. How can I watermark all my video's, is there a software that does it for free?
    2. Every time I use a youtube boosting service like vagex my views ALWAYS get stuck on 301-308 forever is there anyway to fix this?
    3. How can I boost my youtube ranking.
    4. I heared spamming with comments is good, I heared theres things like tubetoolbox and youtoobme does anyone have the cracks to those programs?
    5. Should I spam on the top 100 videos with my website saying "If you want to download xxx go to MYWEBSITEURL. The reason Im not putting my video is because it'll get removed.
    6. I try to add vagex credits, I add like 5k and I only get like 500 views and shit gets stuck any way to fix this?

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