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    Is it ok to take a excel spreadsheet from a company website and take some of the calculations and turn it into a software?

    The tables and format i should match also....

    The spreadsheet basically tells people based on their income and expenses what different loan programs they qualify for for their new mortgage if they wanted one. It also does some of the debt to income rations and tells you at what interest rate you qualify for. The spreadsheet it free to download off a company website right there on one of the pages. Is this ok if I take it and turn some of the features into a software?

    Isnt this what happens with all software programs and tools? Consider accounting software?
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    To be on the safe side, you could always talk with the company and get their consent. Tell them what you?re intentions are with this information, and emphasize on how it could possibly help promote their company.

    Companies spend millions a year promoting their service and products so I see no reason why they would reject you making software that compares prices that could potentially convert into a sale on their end.

    Unless I miss understand the purpose of your software?