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    hello there,

    i'm new to AMR, so i'd really appreciate some help with my questions. i decided to post here, so that people can learn from my questions too, should they be starting out clueless as well.

    just a few questions,
    1) under select targets (the article directories), out of 500 directories for the trial version, i only have 16 highlighted in green, or else most are red, if not yellow. can i find out why is this so? when i click on it and view result, it says that either the activation mail was sent, or registration complete. my question is why are there so many reds, and how can it be that the activation mail was sent, but AMR did not manage to confirm it

    2) how are we able to efficiently find our own directories to upload?

    3) the screenshots in the guide here are different from what i see on my trial version, for example, i do not have "quick result" or "pub" on the target list.

    4) for the article itself, can you differentiate between title/summary/body/resource/keywords, like have an example for what we're supposed to enter for each section?