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    So much of success involved in offline marketing deals in asking great questions. Selling doesnt work but asking great questions and providing the best solutions will get you paid.

    After you introduce yourself to your prospect, what are the key questions you ask owners and managers to lead your prospect into a sale ?
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    Initial Meeting Questions

    Marketing Strategy:

    1. How long have you been in business?
    2. What is the biggest struggle or frustration for the business right now?
    3. How is the business and sales currently compared to previous years?
    4. Where would you like to see the business be within 2 years?
    5. How will this be accomplished?
    6. What is the current monthly/annual marketing budget to accomplish this?
    7. What is business currently doing for advertising/marketing efforts?
    8. What is your Unique Selling Proposition (USP) over the competition?

    Tracking / Testing:

    1. Do you track how many people visit your website and from where?
    2. How are you currently tracking which advertising efforts bring in sales?
    3. Do you have any system or strategy in place for split-testing ads?
    4. How much is the average customer purchase from your business?
    5. How often do customers return in a month / year to purchase again?
    6. Do you currently know what the Lifetime Value of a customer/client is?
    7. Do you currently know what the Cost-Per-Acquisition for customers is?
    8. On average how many new customers do you generate each month?
    9. What is your current best source of new lead/customer generation?
    Problem Positioning Profits by Dexx Williams Page 4 of 9

    List Building:

    1. Do you currently keep a database of previous customers / clients?
    2. Approximately how many customers/clients are currently in the database?
    3. Do you keep a list / database of interested leads and prospects?
    4. How do you currently deal with leads and prospects when they come in?
    5. What do you do with the leads that don't end up buying?

    Relationship Management:

    1. Do you guarantee any expectations or experiences to customers?
    2. How often do you follow-up with previous customers/clients?
    3. Do you currently contact previous customers about new specials/promos?
    4. What types of additional products or services will customers usually buy?
    5. Do you have new products, services, or news to share each month?

    Online Presence:

    1. What kind of marketing and promotions do you currently do online?
    2. What kind of marketing or advertising have you attempted online before?
    3. Are you currently happy with your existing online presence?
    4. Do you have an existing strategy or goal for online marketing efforts?
    5. Who currently manages your existing website / online marketing activities?
    6. Do you have any questions or concerns regarding marketing online?
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    solid list