Questions regarding amazon affiliate sites and repeat business.

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    Hello Everyone,

    I've been setting up amazon affiliate sites using wordpress and shopperpress but I've come to a decision that I'd like more oppinions on. Basically, I have two options on how to run the sites:

    1. I can run the sites using a shopping cart which would require the customer to sign up with my site to checkout (info collection) and then they would be forwarded to the amazon checkout page with my affiliate code to actually fill out payment information and pay.

    2. I can run the sites as a shopping cart "Frame" which would hold product pages however, instead of adding to a shopping cart, each product page would have a "buy it now" link which would forward them directly to the amazon product page to purchase or continue shopping for more products (all of which I get credit for).

    My question is does the potential of grabbing more information for marketing purposes outweigh the risk of losing a sale due to extra steps between the customer and their purchase? And if so, am I going to lose them as potential repeat business anyways after I forward them to amazon to purchase?

    Sorry for the wordy post...Just wanted to be thorough :D

    - Sombrero Negro