questions for somehow authority websites


Dec 31, 2013
Hello fellow blackhatters,

got a question, it would be nice if someone could answer:

if i want to rank a website which is about dogs and if people search dogs in google, my website will come up. BUT, the home page has nothing but funny or amazing videos about dogs and no articles, no notes and no on page seo. so the questions are, how can i rank a website that merely uses the word "dog" 4-5 times and just as a note above the videos? also if i want the website also to show up for people who search for german shepherd, what should i do?

also for backlinks, i have seen many new websites have a blog section and they just write articles to keep up their ranking. is that necessary for a website that only has pictures? or constant backlinking is just fine?

an example would be istockphotos(dot)com, this website does not have any articles or notes in it. i want to create a website like that. while it shows up for "buy image" keyword, i also want my website to show up for "best pictures".

any help is much appreciated!
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