Questions building a B2B App platform....Advice Appreciated :D

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    In short my question is:
    If you were building a b2b marketplace. What resources would you prefer to use to build both
    1)the B2B platform
    2)the payments gateway

    Some background on the situation:
    One of the companies that i'm working on is an app platform. A B2B,B2C marketplace. Simply the businesses created profiles and consumers and other businesses can search their postal code to find the matching products & business type they are searching for. There will be recommendations via algorithm. The final product will have it's own payments processing gateway. In many ways I consider it a simple directory that can be searched. Yelp or Yellow Pages like. The difference being that the businesses create/control their profile.

    This is my first round at making an app. I was more into web development in the late 90s/early2000s. So I'm familiar with some technologies and at the same time I am learning new ones. It's relatively easy to get the gist of new languages considering that I learned from their predecessors, but in order to build my new company more efficiently and because I can't be a Know-it-All, I've been interviewing programmers, algorithm guys and SEO guys. I want to be sure I build with the right resources in mind.

    My assumptions are:
    I have plans for HTML5 and for the app itself simply to be calling from the html5 site itself. The common way that social apps do these days.
    I am not the most knowledgeable on databases. I've seen possibilities and one would be just using SQL for accounts in the platform. Simple. I believe JQuery may be used as well. maybe AJAX.
    Some basic aspects build using Apple iOS7.xx SDK.
    I get stuck in the possibilities and end up not being able to decide which to use. I feel the UI is simple and not meant to have fancy animations and such. Mainly just features used in HTML5/CSS3 such as shadowing and menus.