Questions and Method Theory for article marketing

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    I have some questions about article marketing.
    I'm currently running an online retail store, dropshipping products.

    This is my idea/method I'm thinking of:
    Get articles in Niches related to what I'm selling,
    rewrite them and submit them to article directories.
    But instead of linking to my main site,
    link to our newsletter page (it includes a link to the main site as well).
    Then, if people like the information, they can sign up for the free newsletter which will have more related rewritten articles, and it will feature products from the store, as well as coupons and discounts and things.

    That's my idea, but I have a few questions..
    Like, should I limit how many articles I submit to each directory every day?
    Should I only submit each article to one directory, and only submit it to another directory if it was rejected for some reason(to save on duplicates)
    Is there anyway I can improve my method or is it a good idea?