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    Hello blackhatters, have a few question if someone would be nice enough to answers:

    - I would like to make a channel but with another name and gmail account to blast some views and drive direct traffic to my website/landing page. if at some point in time, say 3 month later i also want to monetize it using adsense or youtubes monetizing program, how can i have the youtube pay the money to my real gmail account? is it even possible? or u can only make a fake account blast views and just leave it without monetization? ( my videos will have a high quality and will be informative)

    - Lets say i would like to make a real channel with very high quality videos in it, can i change the name of channel owner and keep it private? and also monetize it? can i have multiple channels with on gmail? again private, so no one knows all of these channels are for me.

    - Can i copy content from other videos and mix them and create a video and not get penalized by youtube? like lets say dog training. i cut off 1-2 minutes from the videos i like, then mix them and create a new one. what about the videos that are not posted by owner and some guy just recorded and posted it to youtube for fun?

    - i am from a country that questioning politics can make alot of troubles for you. how can i make this channel so private that no one can ever know who made it? (iill probably stay away from it, but this question was on my mind)

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    1. you can link many channels to one adsense account, so just link it to your real one and you should be ok
    2. you can change the name of the channel, but i'm not sure that your original name will be totally private though
    3. If the original owner will complain high chances your video will get deleted, and monetizing will be disabed for 6 month
    4. you probably can't... i wouldn't take the risk...
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