Questions about using a bank account as funding source.

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    I fear my legit account is close to being banned. It is a very old account and apparently is close to tripping the number of maximum allowed ad disapprovals for certain categories and landing page slaps. I want to prepare for the worst by signing up for a new legit account taking into considerations all the necessary precautions and using a bank account as payment source. Few questions.

    1) When using a bank account as a funding source, it states one must be using the account for business purposes in order to use this type of funding source, does the bank account thus have to be a business bank account or can it be a personal one? Can they tell what kind of bank account I supply?

    2) The bank account funding form has a form field for a personal name and company name, do I need to provide?

    3) If so, do they verify either with the bank or can I use any name and/or company name?
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    You do not need to have any business account for use on google.
    either you can use CC or Bank.. it is not any matter for google, all they need funding.
    so, no worry about bank type.

    personal field is better, no need to use any business related info or business name.
    if you see, some EU bank can directly fund adwords account from their online access.
    however. for most bank need little verification with some codes, that not related with any business info.

    so, no need to worry if you use personal info ONLY with your account through bank.

    AND, if your account is older like 2-3 years or more.. just call them directly, it will work for you.. they like calling from user and to be honest, they will unbanned your account if you really call them after getting bann. cause it is your legit account.

    thank you
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    It depends on where you are located.