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Questions about ranking in Google

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by deanmoney, Mar 30, 2016.

  1. deanmoney

    deanmoney Junior Member

    Mar 17, 2009
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    Hi - I recently bought 10 articles at 1,000 words each in 10 different niches on all new websites. The 10 keywords I picked were chosen from Long Tail Pro with a keyword competitiveness of under 25. Out of the 10 only 3 are currently ranking and I'm wondering why. And when I say ranking I mean position 78 to 168.

    My articles have my main keyword in the url, first sentence, h2 tag, then 3 more random times in the article. My image file name and alt tag is also my main keyword. My question is should the keyword also be under the h2 tag's section or does that matter? Is there anyone else I should be doing?

    Is the reason I'm not ranking on the first page because I should of targeted a keyword competitiveness of under 20 and not 25 for new sites?

    Should my articles employ some type of lsi keywords into the article as well? For example lets say I want to rank for "how to bet on college sports" is there a program that looks at the first page of google and sees what keywords those articles share so I can use those in my content.

    Or should I just use lets say 5 random lsi words using: http://www.lsigraph.com/

    Using the above example I picked:
    how to bet sports online
    how to place bets on sports
    the best bet on sports
    how to bet on sports in vegas
    how to bet online
    Should I sprinkle these keywords in the article? Or do I need to do something different? Any advice would help. Thanks.
  2. JamaicanMoose

    JamaicanMoose Jr. VIP Jr. VIP

    Dec 10, 2015
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    The reason that you're not ranking on the first page is usually due to backlinks more than on-page SEO.

    You seem focused on keyword density. The general rule of thumb is 1-3%. I use it enough without it being spammy (e.g. keep it looking natural) and it works for me. I also abuse the hell out of long-tails and LSI. Rarely will I use the main keyword on its own. It's almost always written in the form of a long-tail or LSI..

    Based on your page critique, I'm guessing you're using the YoastSEO plugin? That plugin does provide a good guideline to follow for on-page SEO, but I wouldn't make it a point of emphasis to follow if you're going to sacrifice the flow of your content.

    But yeah, to circle back to the beginning. You need quality backlinks in order to rank on the first page. Unless you're going after a keyword that has zero, and I mean zero competition, you're not going to rank on the first page with only on-page SEO.
  3. Devil Rider

    Devil Rider BANNED BANNED

    Jul 24, 2015
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    Google do this by assuming that people link to sites they trust, find interesting or offer them something.Thinking about your own web usage, you'll probably see that this is true.
  4. ikepeter204

    ikepeter204 Newbie

    Jan 5, 2016
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    I think you have just focussed on the keyword density rather focussing on the uniqueness of your article. You should not concentrate on only one thing, you should cover all the things...
  5. kriwil

    kriwil Regular Member

    Apr 20, 2015
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    You can rank and bank using 2 method
    HQ link and Content,,, you can't rank very well without link!
    try to build some web.20, PBN and Guest Post
  6. bigbrothers

    bigbrothers Regular Member

    Jul 15, 2014
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    Seo Company
    So far, I understand that you concentrate only on on-page SEO as JamaicanMoose said. So, I do recommend to concentrate on building links as he said.

    Okay, you've got 10 keywords right? Well, I just recommend you to create sub-pages using those keywords respectively & link back to the main page on it's content. So, here comes interlinking where you can earn some links without doing anything. Hope it helps you. Feel free to ask your questions if you've any. Best Wishes - BB

  7. deanmoney

    deanmoney Junior Member

    Mar 17, 2009
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    Thanks for all the information. Yes, I am using the YoastSEO plugin so I'm trying to get my main keyword at least in the article 5 times (including in 1 heading) at 1000 words to be a 0.5% and get that green light lol

    When you say that you "abuse the hell out of long-tails and LSI" can you please elaborate? Like if my keyword is "how to treat acne overnight" and I used that long tail five times. Do you mean not just use that same long tail but what google suggests 5 times with words in the front/back of it:

    how to treat acne overnight at home
    "how to" treat acne overnight home remedies (I had to remove "how to" in order to get another suggestion)

    And then something that breaks my long tail and adds the word like cystic for the LSI part in the middle?

    how to treat cystic acne overnight

    Or would that be too close to the main word so use a site like http://www.lsigraph.com/ that I would pick 5 similar long tails like:

    diy overnight acne treatment
    overnight acne solutions

    I know that I need to develop backlinks but I'm trying to get my content structure down first. Thanks for any help.