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    I've been lurking in forum for a long time since I got my niche market websites worked. I do get lots help from here.

    Let me introduce my NMW, I use wordpress to do autoblog (now 11 websites runing). I set them up last September and recently do some maintenance. I never do Senuke, Xrumer or other backlinks blast or blackhat method other than autobloging. BTW, each site gets 0.5-2$/day income on average.

    But to my big surprise, I found lots backlinks each site in Google webmaster tools. Here is the pic of one of them. Notice that "Total links" is 135,260.

    My question is:
    1. Who blast my site?
    2. Is there any thing dangerous with this backlinks? I mean is there any possible taht someday I will be deindexed because of them?
    3. Should I blast more backlinks if I want to earn more traffic? or just leave them untouched, let it built links naturally?

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