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Discussion in 'CPA' started by Bolota, Feb 11, 2010.

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    I hope that this place is the correct place to post this thread.

    Hello, I am starting on IM and I want to understand a little of BlackHat Marketing, so I opened this thread with some questions

    I will use email/zip submits, ringtone offers and programs that pay per install (screen savers, smiles, etc) and my target is Americans.

    Here is some questions:
    1 ? What I will do is BlackHat, so what can happen to me if someone discover what I?m doing and contact my CPA(N3verBlue)? I will get banned? How do you deal with this? In so many leads, there are always someone that understand what I?m doing and delate me.

    2- When I signed up with NeverBlue I said that I use AdWords traffic to convert leads, however I never worked with AdWords ( so I don?t know how it works in detail ) and I don?t have any WH site. I?m from Spain and I don?t know speak English very well so I can?t have a site in English. I need to use CPA Redirector? Or can I buy a domain and redirect the main page ( to my aff link?

    3 ? I don?t have money to get WH leads ( via AdWords for example), how many leads can I deliver without mixing WH leads?

    By now, this is all the questions that I have. I hope that everyone understand what I said.

    Thank you

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    Hola Dutch but living in me with more info ...podemos hablar en espagnol...