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Discussion in 'Link Building' started by ytrekk, Jul 20, 2010.

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    I just have a few questions about backlinks.

    When I go to check my page's backlinks in SiteExplorer, I notice that I have about 50 backlinks each from two websites. I think one of those sites shows up that many times because they have a "Recent Comments" feed on the side, and they use KeywordLuv, so I'm guessing my site must have appeared in the recent comments when it was last checked. The other site is some link submission site, and I have so many (temporary...) backlinks from it because it links to other submissions on each of its pages - my site could have appeared on different submission pages.

    So my question from this is, is there another <free> website or tool that lets me discount backlinks from the same domain, so I can see only one backlink per domain? And how long does it take Site Explorer to realize that the backlinks don't exist anymore?


    Nextly, I've been using Paul's Quality Backlinks, and I'm wondering why SiteExplorer isn't showing any of them. Does anyone have a rough estimate based on experience of how long it takes forum profile links to get indexed? Is it just a matter of how popular the site is? I must have done some of them over a week ago or so, and they're all on PR4+ domains.

    That's all - thanks.
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    Spyglass will let you sort by domain so you can just delete all the one you want with a couple of clicks. The free version does not let you save the info and if I remember correctly you can only get up to 1k results.

    Sometimes profile links can take awhile to get indexed. Personally I run most of mine through BIE and that seems to get them indexed pretty quick.
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