Questions About Ali Express Drop Shipping Websites.

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    Hello guys,

    This is a pretty long read I guess, so thank you if you read it all!

    So, I`ve been a lurking BHW for a long time now. I don`t post much, but I read a lot.
    For the longest time I`ve wanted to make a store and do drop shipping from Ali Express.

    The thing is, I have tried building websites for a while now, and the reason I never go all the way is because the websites I made were always lacking in some way, so I either abandoned the dream or just started from zero again, and again, and again.

    So finally, after years of BS from my part, I decided to man up and build the god damn website all the way to the end. I am very proud of what I`ve created, I think it finally looks and feels professional. It doesn`t look sleazy or cheap like most other small fry online stores I see floating around.

    Observation: The website is ready, all built, the only thing I have left to do is put in the products, which is a whole lot of work because of the amount of stuff I`ll be adding, so before going through that hell, this is one of the reasons I`d like to get answers to at least my first two questions below.

    Now, here`s the things that keep eating away at me. So I`d like to ask you guys for advice or guidance on the following:

    1. The niche is good, I have a huge amount of things I can sell, and it`s a niche that will always be strong, and I can follow trends easily, but that being said, it`s a competitive niche and other websites are not drop shipping from Ali Express. Is it even possible to compete with that kind of website?

    Observation: I`m selling really cheap, almost not making any money off the products themselves, but from the shipping fees, so I at least have the price advantage.

    2. Another thing about the store itself, is I see a lot of people making these drop shipping websites for small things, or just one kind of product, like, a screwdriver drop shipping website, if you get what I mean. So, am I f*ing up? Do Ali Express drop shipping websites only work if they are small scale? My website is pretty big, and covers a lot of ground. Again, did I f* up?

    3. Right now I can only accept payments with PayPal. I know people can use their cards there, but they need to make accounts. So, I just wander if that`s something that puts a lot of people off from buying? Also, if it is indeed something that`s hurting my business, how can I take in normal credit cards? I`m not a US citizen.

    4. I know advertising my brand is what makes my world go round, but what are the best ways to do so? Facebook is obvious, but what approach? I don`t use Facebook, in my opinion it`s the hugest waste of time, so I don`t know anything about the platform.
    I thought about advertising my site on thousands of niche related groups, and see what happens, but I know I need a whole set-up to do that, multiple accounts, aged, phone verified and the works.
    How to set this up? Is the group approach even the best one?

    5. Facebook, I knew a little bit about, because of my lurking, but I don`t have the slightest idea about what to do with other social media sites. Like, what the hell do I do on Twitter? Tell people I`m on the toilet, and tell them to check this new product while they are at it?
    Same goes for all these other BS websites, Instagram, Pinterest, and whatever else is out there that I can`t think of at the moment.

    6. Well, honestly, I think I can do everything on my own after figuring out the answers to the questions above. But still, if someone more experienced than me, would like to give me a hand or talk in private I`d appreciate it, I don`t know maybe we could do this thing together, who knows.

    Damn man, that was big. If you read it, thank you very much for your patience, and for what it`s worth, thank you for responding if you do indeed respond. Even if to call me an a*hole.

    Have a good one guys. Thanks again.