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    Is it ok to take a excel spreadsheet that is not copyrighted and take some of the calculations and turn it into a software?

    The spreadsheet basically tells people based on their income and expenses what different loan programs they qualify for for their new mortgage if they wanted one. It also does some of the debt to income rations and tells you at what interest rate you qualify for. The spreadsheet it free to download off a company website right there on one of the pages. Is this ok if I take it and turn some of the features into a software?

    Isnt this what happens with all software programs?

    Thank you.
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    If this wasn't legal, I don't think the world would have ever figured out what E equals and what it means. (e=mc^2)

    Just don't rip their recommendations word for word, that can be intellectual property. How you recommend it, through the equations, I can't see a problem as all banks and lenders use this or something close to what they have.
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    Pure mathematical calculations aren't copyrightable.

    Where you run a risk is all the non-maths stuff.

    As a developer, I often run into cases where the only way for me to solve a code problem is to find someone else's code that does something the same or similar.

    First I study the code until I understand it completely, then I modify it to suit my needs; then if it still seems too close to the original, I'll rewrite it from scratch with my newfound understanding of the solution to the original problem.

    Nobody, save for Einsteinian geniuses, creates in a total vacuum. We all got what we got from somewhere else.