Question to the more seasoned IGers/FL users here

Discussion in 'Instagram' started by ndnstyl, Mar 16, 2016.

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    I'm currently using FollowLiker (new to this all) and I use it only for a portion of the day to keep the footprint low and only on 1 account. Now that I have tested it for about 2 weeks I see it works well without much setup and effort, I plan on using it for 2 other accounts. I have a couple other accounts I do manual organic only in different niches to kind of split test how fast each grow and see what works best, none of them with big numbers yet only like 10k followers. My questions:

    For the 3 accounts I plan on using FL for, would you suggest proxies?
    Is it okay to have the program running but still do the posting/commenting/DMs manually?

    Thanks in advance for the tips!
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    Instagram allows 5 accounts per IP,they updated their app recently and you can log 5 accounts on one phone,using same ip.3 accounts per IP is more than safe,you don't need any proxies.From a ban issue point of view,if you get baned on one account,they might trace your IP and ban other accounts also,so its recommended to use proxies to make sure you limit the risk of geting baned on all accounts that are sharing the same IP.
    It is not recommended to run 2 taks in the same time : follow/unfollow, follow/comment , unfollow/comment.Just stick to one operation at a time,or use different times of the day to run different tasks.
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