[Question] Tier 1 For Different URLs in SAME Domain?

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Hey guys, I'm just curious about this.

As we all know, building backlinks directly to money site or URLs can be dangerous and might cause it to be penalized.
So, we do tier backlinking.

But let's say we want to rank different urls in a domain. Will it raise any red flags if you were to build tier 1 web 2.0s in each url?

Example: Blogspot1 and Tumblr1 > www.blackhatworld.com/1/
Then Blogspot2 and Tumblr2 > www.blackhatworld.com/2/

(Blogspot and Tumblr are different usernames and urls, of course).

Then blasting the same list of backlinks to the tier 1 links.

Is it okay to do that?
yeah that is possible ! you can use different web 2.0s account to get a backlink to different pages of your money site.
Hmm, if that's the case... how do one actually backlink to different pages 'correctly' and safely?
Yes this is fine, you may also want to vary where your backlinks to different pages come from, if you link to one page from wordpress and tumblr, try linking to the other from a different set of 2.0s. There isn't any rule of thumb, just makes it look natural.
But what if it is a 30 pages site. It's gonna be hard finding unique Web 2.0s for each right? lol

Any suggestions, anyone?
You can create a set of 50-100 web 2.0s with FCSnetwork, drip feed articles to all of them, you can use highly manual spun articles to populate it.

To make it natural, You should have some articles that are linking to other sites, maybe your competitors lol.

After making your web 2.0 has some authority, now it is time to drip feed your links to your pages slowly, it is not nessarry to have unique web 2.0s all the time, 1 pager web 2.0s are more suspicious than web 2.0s with somewhat readible content.

This is what i am doing and just my 2cent.
Build Tier 1 links always manually and from high quality sites. Try to use niche sites to build Tier 1 link.
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