Question regarding using same backlinks list.

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by sksugo, Nov 16, 2010.

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    Lets say I have 1 blog, 2 web 2.0 websites pointing to that blog and a list of 100 urls I know will guarantee a backlink.

    Would it be best to:

    A) Blast that 100 URL list for backlinks on the blog page, and web 2.0 websites?


    B) Only blast that URL list to the web 2.0 websites?

    If I eventually expanded to say 10 web 2.0 websites pointing to my blog, would it matter if each of those pages all had the exact same backlinks?? Or does that not matter.

    Basically I wanna know if I can keep re-using a list of 100 guaranteed backlinks or should I be changing it up for each web 2.0 website that links to my site?
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    What you are proposing is what I call "crossing the wires".

    Google will see auto-approve site 1 pointing to your Web 2.0 and the Blog, and the web 2.0 and Blog linked together.

    This is statistically unlikely unless site 1 is an authority site.

    In SEO, the best strategy is always to avoid anything which Google will view as statistically unlikely.