Question regarding selling coupons


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Jul 12, 2013
Hello Fellow BHW's ,

I just completed making a script through which i get 20 Adwords Coupon per minute ,ie 20 coupons every 60 seconds.
Coupons range from $50 - $100 value.. Not just for US/canada, for other countries too... countries like India, france, Germany etc.

Just want to know where can i sell them?
I have tried fiverr and also my own fiverr method of getting new customers
[posted here blackhatworld [dot] com/blackhat-seo/making-money/666117-noobs-friendly-make-easy-money-fiverr-com-stealing-your-competitors-customers.html ]

But got poor results in this niche.... Waiting for your ideas...
Or if resellers are there?
be advised selling in this section will get u in a whole heap of trouble
as selling is reserved for blue/white/pink users/
Bro sorry but i am not selling here :(

i am asking about your ideas on how/where can i sell them except fiverr
bro why u try sell air ? and thousands similar gave's out this crap for free instead just sell ur script someone would buy it or even better share it free :D
I agree with AnthonyCorleone. Sell the script. People can get the coupons for free.
thanks for your replies buddies...
so what you recommend? where should i sell this script? except fiverr ofcourse, i dont think i will find anyone there paying the correct value... and about distributing free coupons, i am already doing it in the Freebies section of BHW :)
[PS : m not that bad :p ]
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