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    Hi all,

    On my site, When a user makes a conversion (conversion = fills in a form), he received a unique ID from the system (unique meaning no two clients can have the same ID).

    Is it possible to track for every unique ID on GA, e.g. where this specific user came from (the entire referring url ? including tracking parameters).

    How do I set it up on custom variables, so I can track it on GA?

    Thanks in advance for the help,
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    hey i don't understand exactly what you want but what i understand is that you want to track all your unique forum fill up entries??? if it's right then you can set it by "Event Tracking" option.. for this you have to get event tracking code

    and put it in your main page just after GA code.. and set goal in GA and you will get all the count and every thing about conversion..

    and if i m getting wrong thn just ignore this post.. thanx..
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