Question regarding Followliker + Multiple accounts + Proxies + VPS

Discussion in 'Instagram' started by omerkaya, Jan 18, 2016.

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    Hello everyone,
    First of all I am not a real expert on instagram but I have made quite a lot of process and money in the last one year with Instagram and followliker as an amateur. What I did was very basic, I was selling some mobile gadgets through 3-4 instagram accounts in my city and I was pushing these accounts in Followliker by following followers of local businesses. However I never used proxies or VPS. For many times I got temporary bans which I thought pretty normal.

    And lately I started to provide this as a service to other instagram accounts in my city, for a small amount of money, I push their instagram account in my Followliker. More or less I have 12 customers at the moment (there were even more who stopped working after a while). All these time I used followliker in my own IP and I never used proxy or VPS. Again there were temporary bans time to time but I never thought that they were big deal as well.

    My settings were always quite aggresive as I understand from other users here in the forum. My minimum was 1000-1200 followings per day and 500-600 likes per day. There were times I follow 5000 per day and unfollow these 5000 next day. Currently I stick with 1000-1200 follow per day.

    Now I am reading in BHW forum and I am thinking that I was very lucky that I didn't get permanent bans, on my accounts and more importantly on my customers' accounts. I see now that it was very risky.

    Here in this point I would like to ask your suggestions how I should move forward. Instagram brings good amount of revenue to me at the moment and I want to do this thing right.

    - I am guessing everybody here will suggest me to use proxy for so many accounts, after this point is it safe to use them? Even if proxy will be safe, I have customers who use local IP, wouldn't it be a conflict? I found some good offers in BHW marketplace, is there any permanent ban risk if I use Instagram proxies?
    - What is the point of using VPS? I know it is not expensive but I have dedicated computer at my home for instagram. How exactly VPS will help me?
    - I am using followliker for over a year and it is pretty good for me all this time, but would you suggest me some other Instagram bot to manage multiple accounts?

    I am open to critizism, please shoot me and tell me all what you have in mind.
    Thank you all in advance.
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    @OP, I am in a similar situation as yours. What I found out is that Followliker is the best at showing MASSIVE amounts of growth real quick. I use followliker on 5 accounts at the moment, no proxy, no VPS, without any bans. The only difference I see in settings between yours and mine is that I am liking around 1600-2500 images a day, depending on account. I began offering instagram solutions to my clients and started using instagress. I have lost one account only because I was careless and didn't check it each day. It costs to run the accounts on here but depending on how you charge your clients this could be worth it for the peace of mind.
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    C A L I F O R N I A
    VPS is basically another virtual computer, so you can run FL 24/7 on it, instead of having to run FL on your personal computer all day and night.
    There's always a perm ban risk botting accounts, proxies just help reduce it a little because having 50 accounts running on same ip will raise flags, so you use proxies on accounts and run maybe 3 accounts per proxy, to reduce risk.
    To manage accounts, you can try massplanner and igerslike, they are both bots, similar features, and are able to edit profiles, bio, etc.
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    5000 follows a day. Holy shit.. How old was the account?