Question regarding Adsense - Two Sites, same Topic with rewritten Articles

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    I have a question:

    I have DOMAIN A in a niche that is covering TOPIC 1, TOPIC 2 and TOPIC 3

    I have an EMD DOMAIN B in the same niche that is only covering TOPIC 1

    For Domain B I want to use manually rewritten articles from Domain A to avoid duplicate content filters.

    Both domains are hosted on the same IP and I want to use the same Adsense on both.

    Can using rewritten articles be a problem? Like violating the "Made for Adsense" rule?

    The articles will have perfect grammar etc, it is just when it comes to the information in them that they are not different to each other.

    In addition to adsense both sites will use other methods of monetization as well. I am of course not planning to interlink the domains with each other.

    Thank you!
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    I've already done soem kind of that and never get problem with my adsense. Worst I use same keywords and write 5 different articles for 5 websites, using the same adsense account. But right now I would do it differently. What you plan to do is good but be sure not to have same numbers of paragraphs and be smart to place your main keywords in different paragraphs comparing to the domain A. In brief do it but do it differently and smartly.