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    Hi All,

    Apologies for the length of my question, wanted to give some background:

    One of the sites I look after has done very well in SERPS for over a year now with page one (including several number one) rankings in (Australia) for almost all relevant keywords, with it all based 95% on basic whitehat SEO and good solid content.

    It's a reasonably low competition niche, and has no affiliates etc - just company websites. The only "grey hat" stuff I have done is automated social network submissions and a little bit of blog commenting and profile footer linking and that's it - there no need to mess with a formula that worked!

    ANYWAY a competitor who never ranked very well at all (solid page 2/3 guy) has shot to top of page 1 and above me for almost everything. Checked out Yahoo site explorer, and this has all been on the back of a lot of postings (not comments) on what i would call Splogs (Spam Blogs).

    These have a whole series of completely random, semi-nonsence articles on nothing in particular, with the last two words of each post being hyperlinked with keyword text to a particular website (including my competitors). There is however no relevance between the keywords and the proceeding article, and these blogs were not created by this guy I don't think - they seem to have lots of different people who the owner is putting up links for. Almost all these splogs seem to have a Pagerank of 2 so they themselves are being promoted somehow.

    The questions are:
    1) Is this a relevant/worthwhile strategy to copy? Or something else I should focus on?

    2) Is this likely to work long term? (this particular site is one I don't want too much risk with)

    3) Who would he be buying this type of link from? Would these all be owned by one SEO company for promoting their clients? - I notice a lot of the links (50%) are to Australian sites.

    4) Does anyone on here offer this kind of service?

    FYI examples of the Blogs / Splogs that are being linked from are as follows:

    Any help or advice or offers of service welcome!