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    I've been doing some research on various niches for some online/offline marketing and was wondering if someone could talk a little bit on how stop words affect search traffic (particularly Google).

    For some keywords when I look they return identical amounts of search traffic regardless of the order or whether stop words are included. For example (Orlando is simply being used as a hypothetical)...

    Keyword (Global Search) (Monthly)

    attorney in Orlando (2400) (1400)
    attorney Orlando (2400) (1400)
    Orlando attorney (2400) (1400)

    Based on that information I would make the assumption that unless quotes are included Google handles those as basically identical search terms, however when I conduct a search of attorney in Orlando and compare it to attorney Orlando I don't get the same results, in fact they can be quite different. I think looked at other niches using the keyword tool, and did something like chiropractor in Orlando and chiropractor Orlando and found that in some of those cases I did NOT get identical keyword results. For example...

    Chiropractor in Orlando ( - ) ( - )
    Chiropractor Orlando ( - ) ( - )
    Orlando Chiropractor (390) (390)

    It seems that for the higher search traffic terms they make it seem like the keyword order is irrelevant but for smaller keywords it is. My question however is primarily how do I know to believe/look for in the Google keyword tool if not all searches are returned the same? In other words, how do I know what keywords to focus on if order matters in the SERP but doesn't necessarily show up in the keyword tool? Does that make sense? Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.
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    I would also like to know this info? Couldn't find anything on the search.