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    So I'm starting a new blog project and I'm curious. Someone holds the domain name I want AND is registered as a trademark with the US government. My blog will have almost an EXACT match to this website. It's products are in a completely different field than I am going to be blogging. Will registering and monitizing my domain be legal as long as I can prove I am not in any way working in a related field? I.E. If I started "Apple Blog" and was all about picking apple's off a tree. Would it be in conflict with trademark rules? Thanks for any help.

    My legal time (sister on kindle) couldn't find anything related to this specific situation.
    *Edit* Sorry for misplacement Mods. Also, the websites in question have been inactive for at least 3 years straight.

    According to government rules it must be a Mispelling AND be trying to take their traffic. As it's a different demographic entirely. They promote CD's TShirts that stuff. I'm looking to blog about a different topic. Is that OK legally?
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    I think it depends a bit on the actual term. While Apple is a trademark, it's also a common word, so running a blog about apples would be just fine. However, running a "Microsoft Blog" about, well, uhm, soft micropenises wouldn't suffice, as it's a registered company name and nothing else.

    So the chances are that you're good to go, especially if you're running in another niche with no intention to eat into their sales or clientele.