[question] Making money with YouTube?

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    I'm new to this, so sorry if this is in the wrong part of the forums.
    I have slightly more knowledge of that of an average computer user,
    but I don't know how to create bots, read languages, design websites, etc.
    I've always been sorta big with social networking..
    (I have 7k real friends spreaded throughout three Facebooks, 5k real followers on Twitter, etc.)
    Anyways, I just became a YouTube partner and monetized my account.
    How can I start making money like this?
    Also, is it illegal to use social exchange websites to boost this?
    Share some beginner methods anyone could understand with me if you'd like.

    tl;dr How do I make money with YouTube?

    edit: How exactly does making money with AdSense work?
    Is it every time someone views my video?
    Do you make money if it's from the same IP multiple times?
    If you can, couldn't you just refresh over and over to make money?

    What's the most you could make weekly purely off YouTube??
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    AdSense integration works by paying you for clicks; not views. And YouTube has some pretty sophisticated workaround to stop you increasing views as simply as refreshing.

    Faking AdSense clicks in any way is click-fraud, and Google will come down real hard; it's the basis of their trust and business model, so they work very hard to stop this.

    Asking questions like 'how much money can I make' is totally redundant; it depends on your methods, experience, luck and effort. There isn't any 'standard/cookie-cutter' answer.

    A lot of what you're asking directly and indirectly is covered in-depth on this forum. Use the search button, follow some of the forums for a while and learn.
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    Use your social profiles to increase your views, and earn from adsense income on Youtube. Don't try to cheat adsense you won't win. Doing it legit, you can earn a living doing it. I just started a couple weeks ago on adsense/youtube. I had a bunch of videos just to promote my site, and figured I'd try turning on adsense to see if I could make any money. I'm already making about $40 a day, not much, but I'm scaling up every day. I hope to be at $100 a day within a week or 2.