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    Hey guys, let me introduce myself and what I've been doing so far.

    I own an account in the cafe niche. Basically curating the food/coffee in cafes that you can find in my country.

    At this point I have 26k followers. Maybe slow considering the fact I've been doing this for a year.

    Other than posting high quality pictures daily, I make an effort to comment on other influencers/instagrammer's photo in this niche. Interacting with them and their followers. Never forgetting to reply a comment on my own photos as well.

    As for automation. I use FL. I scrape users from medium sized accounts (5-10k followers) and follow them. I also like photos based on locations and the popular hashtags related to this niche.

    To my knowledge, so far there isn't any account in my country that is larger than me so I can't go scraping big accounts :(

    These are my stats so far. I would really appreciate it if there is anyone who can give me some pointers to improve on. Thank you.
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