[Question for Pro's] Redirects and Web 2.0's

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by ghackseo, Sep 16, 2015.

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    I have a "whitehat" site that I'd like to keep on the good side of big G...

    I've been building links the "right" way for about 10 months now and it's ranking pretty well. Doing some content-marketing and focusing heavily on local seo, however, I feel I have reached a point where I just cannot outrank some of the high DA/PA sites that sites above me on the first page and I'm looking for something a bit more... powerful.

    My current PA/DA is about 25/19 and it's outranking sites that target the same keywords with PA/DA of 44/53, just because my on-site is perfect.

    So here's my idea and please, if there's anything else you would suggest, please inform me:

    I found a good couple of expired domains in my exact niche (about 10).
    I want to build about 20 Web 2.0's and age them for about 2 - 3 months, post 3 - 4 articles on each and linking one article to my money sites inner pages.
    Then I want to put 301 redirects on the expired domains to the Web 2.0's.

    Would this be safe?

    Never heard of anyone doing something like this, or well, read of anyone and said it worked well and its safe.
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    If the expired domains have good metrics, you could make them into a PBN.

    Not sure about those redirects.
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    Sure, that is 100% safe. You can even build them as a PBN as guillaumemcom suggested. If they are closely related, you can even redirect 2-3 directly to your moneysite.
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    You can. It is effective and smart.

    Let the Web 2.0s age, or hunt down expired Web 2.0s (Weebly I think are Do - Follow) and register them. Let them age atleast six months and make sure they stick. Do some light linkbuilding like bookmarks to make sure they do not go down for spam.

    Then redirect the domain. Make sure you redirect from a dummy host account to prevent a trail pointing back to you.

    These 'Super' Web 2.0s will have amazing metrics and pass a LOT of link juice. You should also build links to the domain before you redirect it. Not a lot, a few hundred good contextual links will pass a butt load of link juice.
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    Your question is a bit confusing. Redirecting users in this way typically requires that you have a hosting account. Generally web 2.0's don't allow you to insert code that redirects users. You could do it with blogger but it would be forwarding and not a true redirect. How do you plan on redirecting people without a host that would facilitate this action?