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    So, I have a site where I act as a broker for web design services. Things have been working OK but as of lately Gaypal has been letting people down because once buyers pay for what they want... Paypal's "RETURN TO MERCHANT" button is fucked, it doesn't show the orange styling but instead it shows up as a small text link.

    The thing is so small that even if u change the text and use all caps buyers would still ignore that "Return to buyer link" .... the end result is that I can't track my conversion properly and clients are pissed cause they don't know where to enter their project details.

    Now, I created several pages specifically for each service offered so that is not the problem, the problem is Gaypal's checkout process crappin out on me.

    SO THE QUESTION FOR E-Junkie Users:

    Would using e-junkie allow me to streamline the checkout process so that right after people make the payment through paypal they are somehow redirected to my "project details" page where they can provide all the info as to what they want done?
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