[Question] Copyright and infringement, etc.

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    Dec 4, 2015
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    I have found a niche where the keywords have low competition and this niche basically is a brand name that's trademarked, etc. I was wondering about the legalities of using the brand name in my website. I would not include it in the domain, obviously. However, what if I wrote reviews and articles about the brand and various products it has and then linked to Amazon where the official vendor is located where I am an Amazon affiliate, would there be any issues with this? I don't want to get banned because of trademark infringement, etc.

    For example, (not my niche, just using as an example), I wanted to create a site about...Bel & Skar jewelry. I decide to use "Bel & Skar earrings" as a keyword and target that on my site. I write an article about the various earrings and my opinons on them and include pics of them. At the end of the article, I link to their official amazon vendor page with my affiliate tracking. I'd also make sure to state clearly that I do not support buying knockoffs or from unapproved vendors.

    Any issues with this strategy? In the example above, would the company have any issues with me doing this and come after me for infringement or something? I am not selling knock offs or anything, just directing traffic to their official amazon page where hopefully I'd get profit from being an affiliate.

    Also, using the example above with the jewelry company, what if I got a domain name "bsjewelry" and it was available, would the company have an issue with me doing that if it was just basically a review site for that brand of jewelry directing people to the official amazon vendor?