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    Jul 9, 2013
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    Hey guys, im looking for a 'partner in crime' so to speak.

    I want to post links to my site from question and answer sites for example; yahoo answers,wiki answers, answer bag etc.

    There is heaps of them and they are really high page rank.

    People ask questions and you answer them and leave a link to the site where you sourced the information.

    Only problem there is not always an active question about the niche of your site.

    What I need is someone to post a question that I ask them to so I can answer it and leave a backlink to my site. pretty simple

    I can do the same for whoever helps me out.

    The reason im not doing it myself is because I have heard of accounts getting banned for posting a question and an answer from the same ip address.....

    Anyone out there interested in getting some high page rank links to their site? Im talking pr6 and above :D