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Question about Youtube views and affiliates

Discussion in 'YouTube' started by Joshk80k, Apr 23, 2011.

  1. Joshk80k

    Joshk80k Newbie

    Feb 25, 2011
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    Hello everyone,

    I've been trying really hard to just observe and soak up the information on these forums, but I finally broke down and decided to post since I'm not getting the results I expect.

    I've recently joined the Blackhat Forums and I'm trying a few different methods to make money. One such method I've been trying is making 'sexy' videos, posting my affiliate link for a dating site in the description, and telling the people in the video to click on my link to 'get laid' or whatever.

    My question is whether or not my statistics are normal. Thus far, I have:

    -uploaded 323 videos
    -gotten 13,334 views (approx 45 views per video, kind of low but I started like a week ago so I'll give this time)
    -gotten 84 clicks
    -gotten 2 free signups, 0 paid (but I'm okay with that...just playing around with this idea)

    If you do the math, it shows that the amount of visitors who actually click on my affiliate link is around .62%...Is it normal to only get one click per 160 views or so?

    Furthermore, out of these 84 clicks, 3 have signed up for the free membership...as you can see the percentage of leads I get is like .02% of my visitors. I feel like I have read about tons of people who have over 5% of their visitors (or more) clicking on their affiliate link.

    So, if I have 13,334 views, is it normal to only have .6% of these viewers click on my affiliate link, and .02% of my viewers actually signing up? Or am I doing something dramatically wrong? All I would really like to know is whether or not these numbers are normal. Thanks for any feedback you can offer, I really appreciate your time looking at my post! =)