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    Hey guys
    I have an account with LogMeIn. (Hamachi VPN)

    I can see how LMI can be used as a means for a secure network,file sharing etc., but I am curious to know how will LMI (if at all...) will protect my computer and iphone using their software for desktop & mobile app.?

    Is it similar to the following services:

    Will it provide a safe, secure & anonymous (using your IP) browsing experience when using my iphone in conjunction with their mobile app?

    I'm not just referring to networking, but with respect to web browsing as well.

    (I've already sent them an email, just waiting to hear back ...:eek:)

    Bottomline, I want my browsing and networking secure & anonymous

    Anyone using LogMeIn?


    p.s. I also have the same set-up with Teamviewer
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