Question about using someone elses instagram pics


Jan 18, 2016
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I am looking to embed other people's instagram posts to my facebook page to share. However.. I don't want to do it the normal way where you just copy the embed code and past it into a post on Facebook. Because if I do it this way it will be linked back to the instagram account where it came from and there will be a stamp on the image (or video) that credits the original poster of the post.

I want to embed other people's instagram posts without the link back to their page and without the stamp on the image or video that says where it came from.

I know its possible to do this because I see other people doing it on Facebook. They will do this and then just write "Credit: @whoever" above the post in order to credit that person.

Does anyone know how to go about doing this? Your help will be greatly appreciated!
I would love to know an expert's answer to this as well...however, have u tried taking a screenshot of the content on a private device, putting in a program like windows paint, then saving it as ur own original bitmap on the private device, then transferring the files offline to the device ur using to embed the content onto the FB page?
Save the file and post a photo to FB. That's how they do it. To download IG images there are plugins, or you can do it the hardcore way and open Firebug and yank the photo URL out by hand (just use a plugin if you're gonna do it at scale).
You're going to need a Instagram media downloader, or get a bot.
Download an IG post grabber and manually add them to FB, I have been trying to automate this for 2 years, but it does not work
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