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Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by madtong, Aug 8, 2014.

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    Hello to all !

    After 2 years out of the business, i'm thinking giving it a try again, maybe i've learned something on my previous try on adult sites ( i've owned some blogs, a tube site and a forum and no money for me... )

    I'm starting a little blog and i was wondering a little thing. I can go to forums like PornSuzy and others and post videos with PPD like Deposit files and others but is not what i want and i'm interested in a thing a little bit diferent : i know some sites, like Xhamster, where we can easely extract the download link. What i want is post videos on big forums, with the usual links to deposit and others, AND A LINK TO THE DIRECT DOWNLOAD LINK... Yeah, i know, no money for me but what i want is a way to send traffic to my blog each time the DIRECT DOWNLOAD LINK is clicked. How can i do it without posting directelly my url on the forum ( forum owners dont like if you use their forums to spam your links... )

    Thank for ideas !
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    Sign up and start contributing to the forum for a few weeks, then add your download links to your signature. If there's no signature space or you are not allowed to use a signature, you can include your link in your post in a way that appears helpful rather than spammy.