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    Hi everyone,

    I would like to know about selling proxy lists. In 2010 I started scanning for proxies. I did that for a few weeks but got sidetracked and stopped. I found an old DVD with all the software I used to look for proxies.

    I remembered there were HTTP, SOCK4 and SOCK5 proxies I use to gather.

    I would like to know, is it possible to scan for these types of proxies, make lists of them, and sell them? Or to sell proxies I have to get my own VPS or Dedicated server and make them? Can I sell the proxies I find with the scanner software I used. I remember having alot of free software and I paid for alot of them too. I never got around to try and profit from this. I was always confused about whether people would actually buy the proxies I scan and compile into lists, or do they get them off people with servers made specifically for proxies.

    Is there a certain(s) type of proxy that people want, I remember SOCK5 was really popular on the proxy list sites.

    If selling scanned proxys I find on the net isn't a viable way to make money in the proxy scene, then I guess the way to make money is having my own server.

    Any advice would be appreciated.