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    Isn't PBN links from actual domains more powerful than tumblr, web 2.0 and video submission links? Why are people still considering them if they are around the same price?

    Also, if these PublicBN links are effective, should I even consider setting up a PrivateBN? I understand that for a PrivateBN you can control the content and links but it's hell lots more expensive and links from the same domain have diminishing returns, and end up probably only using 1 link. Furthermore, once set up, most people won't update the blog, making it "unfresh". Considering these PublicBN have decent TF/CF/DA/PA, and fresh contents keep getting added, why would people still set up their own PrivateBN?

    Can someone enlighten me?
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    PBN links will always be stronger than web 2.0 properties. Period. They may cost the same regarding their basic price, but further investment you have to put into a PBN domain raises its cost a lot. Content, hosting, domain registration etc. While with Tumblr, you just get an account, add a few pics, few 300 word articles and you are good to go.

    About why it's a better idea to use your own PBN network, read this here -
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