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    Hi.....this is kinda long story so let me try to make it short if I can.

    I been with paypal for 5 years I believe and had no problem until now. You can call me dumb or whatever but I am half blind so I didn't know their much of policy.

    I sell my brand new 27-inch iMac to get money I need to pay my bills I seriously need. Then it got sold by a guy and he paid in full and he said that he wanted to use his FedEx account and I noticed it got different address (according to his paypal account he's from Florida and the item to ship is to North Carolina) I didn't think it was big deal since he paid in full. Then 5 days later, this buyer contracted paypal to get reserved his money back and I been charge negative with paypal that I had no idea why and I called up and turned out it was fake person who hacked into his account of egay/paygay. Of course I was so damn pissed! So I owed paypal around $1,693 I think. Paypal said they can't help me because I didn't follow the rule that I have to ship to buyer's address on his paypal account and I never knew that I mean I have trouble reading fine print for stupid protection program. I know I am dumb not to ask anyone to read me their stupid, gay ass rules. I called cops in NC and turned out that person who signed my package is middleman to send my item to fuckin' russian! So that means my item is long gone and they can't do a shit about it but to owe paypal and I don't' want to. I am talking with lawyers right now and hoping to arrest this lady for doing stupid thing to send numerous items she did. And maybe sue paypal due to my disabled that I couldn't read well on fine print. Don't judge me, please. To get the point what I wanted to ask question is that can I create new paypal account with same of my name or will they linked me damn old account what I owed? If I can't do that, then can I use my best friend's name and my new bank account with it? Let me know what I can do or whatever. I am doing this because I wanted to do referral thing to get extra money that required for paypal. I don't want to use alertpay. Thanks!