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    Hello guys

    I have a question and would like to know your opinion about the number of outbound links in an article, yes i searched here and in google and didn't find any clear reply to this

    Basicaly i have a review blog,where in each article (about 300 to 500 words) i have
    1 link to domain whois
    1 or 2 links about the site reviewed
    1 integrated video youtube from my channel about the site
    1 integarted image from photos site like flickr ect

    Before,the link about the site reviewed was in a /go directory,with no follow,no index as its a referal link i was thinking its good to hide it(not sure i was doing correctly just with /go directory but brief) .
    Sometime ago i changed my mind about no follow no index the referrals links: as its a link going to the site you review, i wonder if its not better to set the links refs to follow,no index

    So my question is do you think having 4 or 5 outbound links in an article is a lot and should i set no follow some(like whois),
    And should i set no follow,no index my referrals links ???

    Or all of this is complete bullshit and i am just paranoiak :p

    Thanks a lot for your opinions :)
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    Good content has both internal and external links, but as with keywords, there's no point in forcing yourself to link out. naturally, there will be links going to places you've come to know during research and cool pages you want to share with your readers.